Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Morpheus & Me

(for Danica)
My lover's name is Morpheus, see us riding on the train--
see me starry-eyed, see him in my lap singing me to sleep.
See him kiss my hands, and my wrists, and my breasts,
wherever the blue lines run
'cause that's how we fuck, and how he makes me dream
of those times when my eyes weren't black cakes crusted shut,
of gap-toothed smiles and dark curly hair
And hopes and prophecies,
and rope swinging into the stars reflected off the water.
There is always the future.

My lover's name is Morpheus, see my worries melt on a spoon,
see me nodding on the couch, and see me never leave again,
see me happy, ever-smiling.
There is no other place than now, where I am.
There is no other thing I must do.
There is no other lover, there is no one else,
there is Morpheus and me.

My lover's name is Morpheus, see him blanket me at night
See him scare away the monsters
And all my friends that loved me.
See him roll my eyes inside,
so that I can love him,
so that I can always love him
and no one else again.

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